Reformer Variations<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 601

Reformer Variations
Niedra Gabriel
Class 601

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I had trouble getting this class to play all the way through. I tried both auto detect and low video quality but coudn't get the class to play past stomach massage. Up to that point the class was amazing!
Thanks Annie. I'll take a look.
Annie ~ I am unsure what would have caused that problem, as the video played through fine on my end right now. Perhaps try restarting your computer? If you encounter any more of these video troubles, please email us at
Paola Maruca
I looooove Niedra....I got used to her 'treats' when she performs 'archival' variations..what a gift and what a wonderful teacher :))))))
Wow, at first I thought something wrong with video, but as I kept my eye on the video I saw it was intentional. That was really awesome. Great work out Niedra.
Niedra Gabriel
Glad you enjoyed this video Anna, good luck with finding a new teacher or having PA support your practice.
Will keep doing this one over and over- so much content and so much to learn. Thank you Niedra Gabriel !
Edita M
Thank you! Learning a lot from your classes!
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