Foam Roller Coordination<br>Cecile Bankston<br>Class 609

Foam Roller Coordination
Cecile Bankston
Class 609

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Loved this class! I love the foam roller - your a Foam Roller Queen! Thanks Cecile.
That felt so good! Thank you Cecile!!
This workout is awesome! I love the flow! I feel like it builds strength as well as allowing you to flow!
Thanks for all of the great feedback. I kept the pace a little slow because the material was new and sometimes complicated patterning. But if you are using it with your own clients, you can definitely pick up the pace once the moves are learned.
Love this class, Cecile! Also, from a NC girl, I love to hear that accent when you teach. I sure do miss hearing it living in Europe!
Wow Cecile... you are truly a foam roller queen! What great cueing and imaginative movements from the cadillac and reformer to the foam roller! Well done... bring on some more!
Thank you so much, so gratefull for this lovely class.
Loved it, great work. Keep it coming
Loved the class, thank you.
Paola Maruca
I agree with Maria....Cecile, your are the roller queen :) :) LOL.....more of Cecile...PLEASE!!!!!!!!
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