Foam Roller Workout
Cecile Bankston
Class 609

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Brilliant, Cecile! On vacation, and missing being able to do studio sessions, have just done this in my hotel room! Hope you'll be teaching more classes on PA, love your reformer & cadillac workouts. Thank you!
of course I love it! Thanks again Cecile!
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Fantastic!! Roller is one of my fav places to be.. what a wonderful class this was. A new spin on some fam moves. Thanks Cecile!
I love this one too. It takes a few times to get the hang of some of the moves but once you do, it's fun and a great workout.
Beautiful beautiful class!
Super creative and fun workout! Thank you Cecile!
Bring on Monday, Clients going to love this! Thank you!
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Excelente clase y cuántas variaciones. Muy amena y divertida.
This was so great!! Thanks!
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