Wunda Chair Workout
Leah Stewart
Class 618

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Yummy! Thank you Leah for sharing!! The chair is amazing but add some nice choreography and it really softens the "rough edges" of the work! Lovely!
Wonderful. Thank you.
I loved all your creative variations, especially for the foot work. Come back to PA soon Leah!
This class was just what I needed! Leah, love your teaching and cueing......thank you!
Thank you ladies!!! So glad that you all enjoyed the class!!
Thanks for a great chair class Leah. The arms and footwork on the chair took me back to dancing days which I miss so much! Great flow. I look forward to sharing these moves in class!
You are an absolute delight. Thank you so much great Wunda Chair!!
Fun. Fun. Fun! Great session!
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I'm so glad that everybody is enjoying the Wunda Chair class! It's not always a piece to love, but we try
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