Dance-Based Mat<br>Melissa Connolly<br>Class 629

Dance-Based Mat
Melissa Connolly
Class 629

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This is brilliant Melissa, just the changes I have been looking for to add to my balance work, I am going to learn this whole routine. Thanks!

Sharon Wigham
Loved the class Melissa and doing your exercise to a fast past
routine. Adding this one to my favorites!
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I agree- Nice to use our core to balance! What's the background music?
The curse-ed Girl Scout cookies got delivered yesterday.... So, this is great timing for such a fast paced total body workout! As always it's spot on... now to go hide the cookies!
That was so much fun Melissa! I hope you come back to PA soon! =)
So glad you enjoy the class! The music is from a royalty free websight called jamendo and its mostly from a CD called "The Revolution of Fluff"...
And yes I would love to come back to PA, probably in the spring!!!
Props should be a Red Bull!! Loved this!
Going into my favorites right away... Whew! What a workout! Absolutely loved the balance routines.. Will try to learn the whole routine.. You do it very gracefully and effortlessly Melissa.. Thank you!
Melissa,Please do more classes like this.It was fabulous you are a lovely teacher very easy to follow and it was a really great to have a balance challenge.Do one again soon,Thankyou Shelley
Such a fun class! Thank you Mellissa :)
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