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Gosh! I just did your class, then I listened to your interview. It felt as if you were speaking to heart was moved.
Thank you so much for sharing your insights, and some of your past.
I'm one of those who knows what generation instructors, so it is invaluable to me to have had the opportunity to have heard some of your experience with Eve and Romana.
You are a light, and thank you again1
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Thank you for sharing your journey. I completely agree with you that we are all connected by our passion to the method. As always, you are truly inspiring!
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Thank you Jennifer. A wonderful interview.
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Great interview! Looking forward to the hands on workshop, it sounds wonderful.
Hi Amy, Annie, Reiner, Yoly~ My sincere thanks to each of you who wrote here. I so appreciate your kind words and I'm glad that you enjoyed the interview! I had a wonderful time with Kristi and her amazing group of teachers and students at Padaro Beach and here on Pilates Anytime- what a pleasure.
And yes, The Hands-On Workshop, I believe should be up on the site soon!
My warmest wishes to each of you!
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Woa!! So, so interesting hearing some details about the early '90's, your studio, your 'employees'- Alycea and Brooke, your video's and how you jumpstarted an amazing dream. I especially love that your teaching is accessible on PA.....(aloha to Kristi!!!)
If I never get the opportunity to one day study with you in person I still feel totally fortunate to be able to watch and listen on-line. Love, love Jennifer Kries!
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Thanks! :)
Heikki how did you make those hearts?!!! I wanna do that too!
(smiley face is all I've got in my arsenal and I know that guy that writes the code for the site!)
I just watched your interview and related completely to your pirouette experience. I recently became an instructor a little over a year ago and at that time purchased all of your Master Trainer Series DVD's. I can not tell you how invaluable those have been to me and how invaluable Pilates Anytime has been as an instructor. You are inspiring and gifted and I always enjoy your classes and insight.
Love this interview! I love Jennifer Kries's Dance series and can definitely feel the strong influence of Pilates in her instruction. Great teacher of movement! I hope to learn more from her as I continue to explore Pilates.
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