Upper Body Magic Circle<br>Amy Havens<br>Class 654

Upper Body Magic Circle
Amy Havens
Class 654

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Thank you Andrea!
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Since I don't have a magic circle yet, I played around w/ a tied theraband and found the workout just as worthwhile.
Great idea Jessica......thanks for that suggestion!
Are you lightly squeezing the circle as you do these exercises?
Hi Teresa, yes I am squeezing very lightly! I cant' squeeze too hard, especially when arms are overhead because I tend to over engage my upper trapezius. But when arms are shoulder level and lower....a light squeeze, which is optional!
That was amazing. I could feel my entire upper body and my core firing and in only 10 min. Thank you!
YIppee......it doesn't take long to get a good workout! Glad you enjoyed it!
Fantastic, surprisingly hard!
Thank you Karen.....I hope in a good way! :)
Beautiful mini class Amy! So many important details explained in such a short time...
I'll use them in my evening class, my students will love it!
:) Thank you!
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