Fluid Reformer<br>Tom McCook<br>Class 679

Fluid Reformer
Tom McCook
Class 679

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Wonderful class! Thank you, Tom.
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Melissa M,  Thank you, wishing you the very best in you practice!!
Loved it! Thank you! :)
Andrea Constantine
Just love this class. Great whole body workout. Varied and interesting exercises. Perfect cueing. Another wonderful class with Tom McCook! 
Andrea Constantine, Thank you for your inspiring feedback! Enjoy and all the best to you!!
Angie H
I am on a Tom McCook spree! Love the cues, love the pace, love the calm energy...and especially love how much work you manage to pack into a class that zips by in what feels like an instant. How is this over already? Time to queue up the next one! 
Angie H, Thank you so much for your thoughtful and joyful message! I’m really happy to hear you appreciate my classes!! Continue to enjoy and all the best wishes!🤗🙏
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