Franklin Method Mat
Tom McCook
Class 689

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CAn you use tennis balls instead of Franklin Balls?
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Hi Jane,
Yes you can use tennis balls and they're not as comfortable for the spine but will work. Remember to move slowly and smoothly with ease full breathing. All the best!
Haven't seen this before. Absolutly brilliant👍👍👍
Yay! Thx so much for sharing this workout warmup with us. I really liked it. Each time, there is a slightly different something to learn!
A fabulous class. Thank you Tom.
I really enjoyed this stretching routine by Tom McCook I will have to invest in a Franklin ball as the foot exercises sounded too good to miss!!
I absolutely adored this. Mindful, educational and very effective. Thank you!
Really great..Thank you. Will revisit to remember a great warm up routine
Where have you been all my life? I'm so very glad I found you!!! Now, after this class I'm ready for the golf course. You are the best, thank you.
Thank you Joan,
I'm happy to be of service!! All of my classes main intention is to improve function, movement potential and well being. Wishing you all the best!!
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