Reformer Fundamentals<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 692

Reformer Fundamentals
Meredith Rogers
Class 692

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Lovely class for a day when my back is sore. Thank you so much :)
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Lovely class Meredith. Being curious. what position did you have the gear bar in for footwork First or 2nd?
Thanks ladies!

Jamie, I generally keep the bar in 2nd gear but....thats just a preference. :)
ok I was just being curious George. I think you and I are around same height . Sometimes I feel like I am too close to the foot bar. I am almost 5'7" (thanks to Pilates!)
I think that either choice would be appropriate Jamie. I am a mere 5'6". In my opinion, you should do what feels best for your body. Thanks for taking class :)
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wonderful! working my way back from surgery. perfect
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I love, love, love this class! As always, beautifully cued and beautifully performed. A really deep, precise and lovely workout. I had a question for Meredith- when you say you have 3 red springs on in 2nd gear, you mean the gear farthest away from the carriage, right? I know that some teachers say it the other way around, and I just wanted to clarify.
Thank you again for an inspiring class!
Yes Emilie, that is exactly what I mean. Thank you for taking class and sharing your lovely thoughts!
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As always Meredith, a lovely class and beautifully cued. I loved the short box- stomach massage!
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Wonderful cueing and technique!
Thank you meredith
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