Precision Mat
Brett Howard
Class 699

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All I can say is WOW! Now I know what I need to work toward. Great class.
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Whoa! Awesome class! Just watching this Level "2" class made my abs hurt! Makes me wonder if I shouldn't raise my standards for work level. Love Brett's cueing and ability to keep hard work light with his subtle humor. Thank you, Brett! And thank you Pilates Anytime for sharing these great instructors! :^)
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This was amazing!!! I feel like I learned so much about positioning and keeping my body still, especially while laughing! this class kicked my @ss and I will be taking it again and again!!! Thank you Thank you!!!
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Great focus on form and flow. Lovely turn with classical cuing. More like this!
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Brett, Great class. I love the elbows on the knees for rolling like a ball. Takes it to a whole deeper level. Your humor and agreable voice keep the class flowing and fresh (no, not that kinda fresh). My core is sore.
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this was a great class - I like the "zipper up" cue. I will enjoy working on the crossed-leg bridge without wobbling. I also laughed at the beer barrel "not yogis" line.
Refreshing workout!..
I really like this class. I have tried it twice. The first time it stopped at the single leg stretch. The second time it stopped at the double leg stretch. I play it on low. I sure would like to know how the rest of the class goes.
Lynne~ I would recommend restarting your computer and watching this in Auto-Detect. If there is a particular spot that you continually get stuck at, try fast-forwarding through it
AMZING! Loved, loved, loved it! Loved the cues, transitions and how hard he worked us with humor and grace. 50 minutes went by so fast! More please!
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