Strong and Playful Mat<br>Michael King<br>Class 768

Strong and Playful Mat
Michael King
Class 768

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Beautiful class. There were moves for many different levels and the flow was lovely. Many thanks from Australia.
Thank you for such a 'real' class... Michael has total understanding of what the body needs....this comes from experience ... listening to the body & taking note of the answer
Amazing class! Thank you!
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I've never commented on a class b4 but this was amazing and just have to say thank you!
Thank you so much. I love the visuals you give like the ice cream melting, the butterflies resting and the ants marching. Sounds like a children's story!! LOL!!!
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Your class is a gem for the challenging to reach hip stabilization and flexibility areas. Love your inspired delivery and pace. Thank you for creating this class and Inner Harmony Vol. I.
Wow! What a great class. Really enjoyed it!
I loved this class!!! You are one of my favorite instructors. Looking forward to take more classes from you.
I find music istrating in Pilates; tere's enough to concentrate on without it, if you are doing Pilates in a fully present way.
Une excellente classe avec des exercices intelligents et bien menés avec le Cercle. Le rythme est parfait donnant le temps de comprendre et d'être en conscience. Love it ! Many thanks
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