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Thank you! I didn't understand how to engage the CC button. Incidentally, your link above has an incomplete listing. One of the classes I was most interested in accessing in Spanish is Leah Stewart's 1173 which IS available on the site but not included in your listing. If a viewer uses the video finder and requests "Leah Stewart" and "EspaƱol" they will be told no such thing exists!
Joni ~ I'm glad this helped! Unfortunately these are the only classes we have translated so far. We hope to add more in the future, I'm not sure when that will be though. I will make a note that you would like this class translated so we can make sure it is included in the Spanish section.
you misunderstodo my message Gia. Leah's class IS already translated...just not listed as such. :)
Joni ~ So sorry for the misunderstanding! I have made sure it is listed with the other classes with subtitles. Thank you for letting us know!
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