Full-Body Reformer<br>Lisa Hubbard<br>Class 832

Full-Body Reformer
Lisa Hubbard
Class 832

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loved it ! smooth transitions & great flow!
Lisa Hubbard
Fantastic Genevieve, thank you! Anyone have requests for the next Reformer filming?
Marlisa E
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I liked the creativity, but I really do not recommend "rolling like a ball" on a box, even if the range is small. (namely because I did a complete backward somersault OFF the box!) Very dangerous. The combination of an exercise that combines momentum with control...and adding in the pull of gravity....wow. I am actually glad that it was me that fell...and not one of my clients. Safety is the most important thing and as cool as it seems to do the rolling on the box, its not worth it when clients trust us to keep them safe. I loved so much about the rest of the class, but I needed to give you that feedback.
Lisa, your teaching flow is fluid, I noticed the clients never disoriented, I really appreciated watching good instruction!
Lisa Hubbard
Thank you from the heart Elizabeth! And yes, Marlisa take caution when performing this one on the box. Not momentum~control! I am so glad that you are seasoned enough to probably dismount the box with grace!
You were nervous? You were so composed!
I'm always surprised to hear the back story of what it was "really" like for the instructors when, as I stand next to them, I would be writing a totally different story about my perception of their experience. You are a true professional Lisa!
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Good Stuff!
Lisa Hubbard
Kristi Cooper, yes! Every single time I get in front of that darn camera! Luckily I had Meredith & Erin, serious pros along with me to make my job easier! Thank u for your kind words! Amy Coleman, so glad you think so!
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Very creative and original workout... I'm assuming the spring tension for mermaid is a half? It wasn't mentioned at all.
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Great class...don't be nervous...you are with friends!!!
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