Mat Essentials<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 844

Mat Essentials
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 844

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So many things - "I don't have time" me this morning. Fit a workout in while the baby was still sleeping. Ahhhh. Wonderful! Thank you.
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Michael and Ton remind us that Pilates can be fun and precise at the same time. Love them!!!
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I just love you two. Brilliant and fun.
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Great classic workout with go gimmicks; just solid, hard work. Thanks for making it 30 minutes long. I will be doing this one regularly. Thank-you both! P.S. The models are also very inspirational to watch. I thoroughly enjoyed it! :)
Nice kick start guys, thank you very much.
As always... Excellent! Thank you guys for being such an inspiration!
That was awesome! Love the ending swan dive roll up and reverse. Thanks Ton and Michael
Lynn Wise
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Great workout, great fun, and a great start to my day! Thank you Ton and Michael ... I will be doing this one regularly!
Thank you Lynn, glad you enjoyed the class.
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