Mat Revelations<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 846

Mat Revelations
Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 846

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Hurra' for Ton and MIcheal
I love this class! Interesting variations for beginners !
I would ask you if it possibile a standing class from you ?
A big Hug.
Cannot wait to try the Teaser variation in my mat class tonight! Thanks!
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I just loved your class. I just finished doing it early morning. it is 5 a.m. in Canada. Please give us more mat classes. thanks to both of you. We love you dearly. blanche.
So enjoyed this class..the pace, building up the exercises, the humour! More please..!
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I absolutely loved Ton and Michael's teaching style and their sense of humour made me smile all the way through. Brilliant. Can we have some more PLEASE.
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Is that Meredith on the front left?
Valentina~ Why yes it is :D
Valentina, that is Meredith front (closest to you) left, Monica Wilson (regular PA instructor) back left and Niedra Gabriel (regular PA instructor) front right...
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Thank so much for all the positive feedback. We had a great time creating this class. The class is a combination of the classes we teach to our students and we are glad the PA members are enjoying it as well. How did the Teaser go Ying?
Love this...wakes up neurological system!
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