Power TRIADBALL™<br>Michael F. & Ton V.<br>Class 850

Michael F. & Ton V.
Class 850

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Michael and Ton are AWESOME! This was a great ab workout. I am blown away with the creativity in their workout design. Every one of their workouts is unique from other instructors. I don't think there are any other instructors that could teach as a team and make it work as seamlessly as Ton and Michael! Fabulous from start to finish.. every time!
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I could not agree more with Valerie! Boys your creativity is endless! And so true to classical work at that! LOVE your classes!
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Great class! I have had a triadball for eight years now and love love love it and michael and ton's work!
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OUTSTANDING! So many exercises and so much fun in so short a time. Marvelous! Thank you.
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I just LOVE these guys!! So enjoyable with team teaching and some new moves with the ball!Great Flow! You two are the real thing a work of art in movement!
AWESOME CLASS!! will incorporate it into my class :) Love you guys :)
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Fantastic class and good fun as well!!
Love, Love this class! Great movement when you're short on time. Thank you!
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Thanks guys and girls! We love creating new workouts. See you all soon!!!!
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