Exploring the Lateral Body<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 859

Exploring the Lateral Body
Karen Sanzo
Class 859

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I am in awe! Fantastic....can't wait to share in my sessions. A million times thank you P A. & Karen....love your instruction!
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Great class. Love the control! Very clear and precise instruction! Thank you!
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Thanks Karen. A great class! I ESP liked leg series and teaser
Problem with the video. Stopped playing at 46:40 every time I tried to play it and the setting was on low. Very disappointed that I did not get to see the whole class. What I saw was fantastic though, so thank you, Karen. Loved the different variations.
Karen Sanzo
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Gosh!! Only now getting to these comments!! Thank YOU ALL so much for taking the time to comment; it means a lot. Bummer about the video stopping--I know PA will get right on that-they are good about that stuff. It is so fun to share on PA and it is my goal to challenge both your brains and body. Happy Holidays!!!
Sherry ~ You mentioned that the class stopped playing at 46:40. The video ends at 46:41 so I think you may have been able to watch the entire video. If you are still having the issue please email me at contact@pilatesanyime.com.
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I've been teaching Pilates for almost 8 years, and this is one of the best's classes I've ever been, fun, fresh, variated and so good, that you don't notice the time running. Thank you!
Karen is so talented its hard to imagine the work she must have put into how she delivers it. I was getting out of an elevator at Pilates conference in November and just before the doors closed, a woman quickly decided to tell me ... "Karen Sanzo is the best teacher on Pilates Anytime!" I thought that was pretty cool. Karen, we all think you're pretty cool.
I always love how you think beyond the box, Karen! Awesome oblique work throughout by tweaking the traditional exercises! I love starting with side bending lying down... great idea for getting the form right before standing or sitting side bending. Thanks for all the amazing ideas, once again!! (Nice headstand, by the way!! I use you as an inspiration for women who think you can't be fit and gorgeously curvy at the same time. Obviously that thought is not true!!)
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