First Time Session<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Class 860

First Time Session
Karen Sanzo
Class 860

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Karen that was excellent!! your descriptive clarity is amazing - I admire that quality. Thank you for sharing your talents so effortlessly and the impact you impart to others through your teaching!!! I have loved every class you have taught here on PA!!
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Very good class. As always, I learn new cueing, which is so helpful in my teaching.
I love going back to the basics! Very informative!! Great class to help me get ready for the next Reformer Teacher Training at Pilates Unlimited!!
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Not sure if I was ready for this but I liked the class and will do again. Just watching it was helpful. I just bought a reformer. I have taken pilates mat classes but no reformer. I am considering private lessons. This is great help. Thanks
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I love this class. I learned so much from you, Karen. Very clear with your cues, thank you.
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This class was perfect, it was more educational than a big workout, however I felt like I was the student and I will use what I learned moving forward. I will definatly do this class again!!!
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Wow! I loved this class, canĀ“t wait for my next first time client!
I wish I had this as my first session when I first started, everything would have been so much easier!
Thank you Karen
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Nothing like the basics, Karen your cueing and details are so wonderful. Thank you!
Karen Sanzo
It's fun when a new person starts. Clarity can bring so much. When I try to get all fancy with a "newbie" it rarely works. Start with foundation and there will always be something to refer back to!!!! Y'all keep up the good work. More coming for the newbie.
Karen, you are simply the BEST! Please come again soon. I miss you.
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