Roll Up and Roll Over<br>Karen Sanzo<br>Tutorial 861

Roll Up and Roll Over
Karen Sanzo
Tutorial 861

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Great ideas for incorporating the caddy to assist with the rollover. Great breakdown. I have the arc barrels and can use the first part in mat classes. Great as always Karen!
Sharon O
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Thank you--fab use of the Cadillac to break this down!
My small intermediate mat group will love this with the arc! Thanks!
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Great progression. Thanks Karen!
Theresa L
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It really helped me to get the focus in the right place! Thanks Karen
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WOW! Great sequencing. THANK YOU! This focused me on recruiting al the right areas and brought success.
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Always AHA moments when Karen teaches!! Thank you!
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Is there any way to add this to favorites or queue? THANKS!
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Susan~ I shall forward your request to our tech department.
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Thank you, Hannah!!! One more question...I checked into arc barrels and they are EXPENSIVE. What's the next best reasonably priced alternative? Thanks again!
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