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Niedra Gabriel
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a new way to utilize the theraband, will give this a try with clients who always have trouble with this move (many!:) Thanks.
awesome. thanks for sharing. excited to try this with clients that do not have the mid back flexibility to do roll ups!
I hope you both enjoy using the Thera band with your clients and find it helpful. Please let me know how you do.
Great for my seniors and those with tight backs and hamstrings. Thx!
Can't wait to try this!
Definitely going to try this with a couple of my clients who cant master the roll up - everyone else will like the variety too.
That is great Joanne - I am sure you and your clients will enjoy this way of working a lot.
I love this variation, thank you for the elaborate tutorial!

I do find that for students who already have a trouble lifting up, this variation proves more difficult, as the arms are unable to move forward and assist with the leverage. So it was surprising for me to see it as a tool to help with the roll up!

Anyone else shares this observation?

Another question is: you made an emphasis to press the floating ribs down, but they're located at the back, not at the the demonstration was a bit confusing. Could you please clarify the intention of this direction?
Thank you for your post Jenny, Yes, you are right and yes, there is some method to my madness... I find that the thera band helps isolate the correct muscle structure so the roll down and up can finally be understood, I have often found students get the ah ha moment with the band ( it does help lower rather than drop you down, so you find that spot where you were not working before.)
Yes, floating ribs are in the back of the trunk and I often use this cue to have students widen the back and deflate the front ribs without restricting their breathing - it replaced " close the ribs" cue for me a long time ago as I found it brought out a better understanding of the right way to work the ribs in relation to the hips.
Hope this helps.
thank you so much, Niedra! it helps a lot :)
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