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Jenny - I saw that you are from Tel Aviv and that you are mat trained teacher - wonderful. I am from Israel too, and started with Dalia Mantber many years ago. I will be visiting for 6 days in september - visiting my sister in Hertzeliya. May bump into you.
great! i'll be happy if you do! my family is from Herzeliya actually, funnily enough :) now i'm living and teaching in Tel-Aviv. if you're around, please don't hesitate to contact me :)
Love to - my email is, How can I contact you?
mine is
would love to hear from you towards your visit!
Hi Neidra! This modification is helpful. Do you or any one else have suggestions for another mat exercise to do in place of the roll up and roll back half way that targets abdominal strength as this classic exercise does. I have three students who feel pain in their "thighs" when they rollback half way (no neck issues; no osteoporosis) - one student with a pelvic tilt/bad posture, another student with scoliosis, and a third with a spinal fusion(post surgery 5 years or more) who all feel this exercise in their "thighs" regardless of modification. I have offered a supine pelvic tilt option, but maybe you have another choice or cue! An overball behind the sacrum in a seated position does not help. Thank you for your response in advance.
Hello Karin, what a wonderful teacher you are - you really want to help your students !
This is challenging as each situation is so different.
I am not sure how hands on you can be in a group class?
The following are "site unseen" suggestions that may or may not work. The pelvic tilt ( forward or back?) probably is gripping in her hip flexors so if you can get her to release her thighs she may not be strong enough to roll up. You could have her on her back, long legs, and relaxed hips and simply try to lift from the abdominals while releasing the back - so small movements.she may only curl up an inch or two - you want her rib cage and abs to fire instead of the legs.
Scoliosis is tricky without seeing the person - they are so unique. You need to make sure she is in the middle and rolling up or down in the most pure way you can get her to do so, again she may need to be blocked so her stomach is forced to fire.this would be hands on as she is probably too challenged to do it solo the right way.
Spinal fusion is also a fixed spine now. only suggestion for this , if you want to get their abs to work is perhaps have him on his back, long legs ( so hip flexors extended and have him lift his head and shoulders only to activate the front trunk.
not sure if this helps ( long distance as this all is) but I hope it does....
Good luck.
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Thank you Niedra for addressing each situation!
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never able to roll up so will try this theraband thingy. i have a big calamari ring of fat
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I will try anything.. thanks
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