Back Release Techniques<br>Rebekah Rotstein<br>Tutorial 875

Back Release Techniques
Rebekah Rotstein
Tutorial 875

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Fantastic! Can't wait to get into the studio tomorrow. I know some clients that are going to get so much benefit from these blissful exercises! Almost midnight as I write and am now going to start looking at some of Rebekah's other vids! Feeling very inspired. Thank you! x
Loved, loved...loved. Amazing techniques!
Really enjoyed this tutorial it was very informative and taught in a lovely informal manner.
I really enjoyed this, love how detailed your explanations of each exercise and the purpose/ desired muscle use are. Thanks!
Great, thank you will try this sequence today on my tight lb client . 😀
Thank you for sharing. Great video!
Julie K
sooo goood!! MORE PLEASE!!
Rebekah: Thank you - These releases and stretches are marvelous. You explanation and muscle reference make this video exceptional. Thank you again.
Great stuff, less is more, love the intrinsic in this work :)
Stoked to try some of these 👍love the lunge twist 
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