Holiday Mat Stretches<br>Meredith Rogers<br>Class 914

Holiday Mat Stretches
Meredith Rogers
Class 914

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so great focus! txs a lot with many wishes to all you!!
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thank you this eased my headache:)
Thanks ladies! Happy holidays to you.
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this was great after a long day on the ski slopes :)
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I love that hat!
The hat was for you Candy! All for you.
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No snow today (July) but this class did the trick! After 6 hours of gardening, I woke up with lots of back pain. After this class I felt wonderful! Who needs Advil! Thanks.
Great to hear Diana! Thank you for taking class with me.
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tiny apartment friendly! Thank you, my back feels so good :D
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I loved this video. My favorite part are the lower back stretch and the chest. I didn't even know I was had some those muscles according to the way those exercises made them feel. I will be doing this again! Thanks!
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