Arm Chair Challenge<br>Julian Littleford<br>Class 941

Arm Chair Challenge
Julian Littleford
Class 941

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Wow! Thanks Julian, fabulous of course! Just like being there... :)
Ah yes, brings back brutal memories. Oh did I say brutal? I mean wonderful memories. Just like being there all over again Julian. Fantastic!
amazing class!!!! Once again Julian uses his creative choreography to challenge the body while maintaining the classical concepts. The arm chair is a wonderful apparatus. I can't wait to add it to my studio.

Yes the choreography makes for such a great class. Have already been able to use with my own clients. They love the chair for the immediate feedback it gives them. Such a great piece to enable so many populations. Love it Julian!
I have been contemplating adding an arm chair to my studio - Julian's video clinched the decision - love the creativity. On another note - where can I get my husband a pair of those jeans?
woinderful class with great cues and easy to follow
Amazing Julian! Love the pace and the cueing. I currently have an arm chair that the back moves, would this change the workout at all? Just curious on your thoughts. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talent with us!
HI Joanne,
We'll send this email to Julian to see what we can find out for you.
May have to build one of these for my home studio, that looked like fun!
Joanne, Sorry its taken me so long to reply. If the back moves you might have difficulty in stabilizing, but it also might add another challenge to the workout. For me having a stable back enables me to focus on the work at hand rather than constantly having to pay attention to the back because once I have the back actively supported I like to be able to focus and challenge other parts of the body aswell. Thank you for watching and sending me a question.
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