Tower Workout
Melissa Connolly
Class 953

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Melissa, I enjoyed doing your class today and have new ideas for my tower class on Thur :) Thanks

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Thank you so much for this lovely class - great energy and and inspiring yet so soothing voice - feels like fluid in my joints. Seriously felt longer and leaner after this class. Full of energy to teach!
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Beautiful class with some neat variations of exercises I was doing. Thanks!
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Hi Melissa, I wanted you to know that I loved your class so much. I had spine surgery and am a PMI instructor and just loved your flow. It was tough but thoroughly enjoyable and i loved the bottom loaded tower sequence which was great to open the back. I'll be teaching this class to my students this week!
So glad you are getting inspiring ideas for your own classes! I personally love the way tower work makes me feel so elongated and invigorated!!!
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Love love love this one....thank you! Perfect use of 40 minutes. Rock on
Yeahhh!!!! Rock on!!!
Had time to watch your class this Sunday morning. Such lovely flow and cuing. Will be trying this in the studio tomorrow morning.
Great workout and flow. Lots of arm work within core work which was fabulous. Thanks for a great workout Melissa! Looking forward to trying more of your classes.
Also, could really see Julian's influence on your work. He would be proud!
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