Creative Theraband Flow<br>Niedra Gabriel<br>Class 967

Creative Theraband Flow
Niedra Gabriel
Class 967

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Nothing wrong - just have seen it all before - but certainly fine exercises - if you are new to pilates you will enjoy
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creative way to incorporate the band with mat work. Every participant, no matter what level, will enjoy it!
Niedra Gabriel
HI Jill and Judy, thank you for your comments and glad you enjoy the thera band, I have found it a delightful way to make mat work very interesting.
Thank you, the therabands have been sitting on my shelf unused for a year!
What I love about PA is although new exercises are difficult to find (although y'all seem to do this on a regular basis) the order in which they are performed can change, the duration can change the depth of the core work can change..... This class was good for me because I was able to take work I knew, challenge my depth and reach a bit higher, pull a bit wider and actually build a sweet little sweat !! Thank You Niedra :)
Niedra Gabriel
That's great Yogunda, so happy you enjoyed the new interpretation. Yes, Pialtes is a fixed body of knowledge so variation add so much to the basics.
Fantastic! I can't wait to explore this myself and give it to clients! Thank you Niedra for your honesty in demonstrating how demanding the exercises are and for sharing the passion.
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Thank you Niedra, I am honestly deeply excited by this website, your class the first one I've tried!! It's fabulous, I think it's what I've been waiting for, a wonderful wonderful tool- I like pilates so much I can do it with joy and curiosity.
Niedra Gabriel
Delighted to read both your comments - Angela, and Jutta, you are both form Australia, WOW. I wish you much success and expansion in your understanding of your own bodies your potential and how to help others. Very happy you enjoyed my classes.
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I really love this work with the theraband. This is more a demo video, do you have a class here?
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