Full-Body Wunda Chair<br>Courtney Miller<br>Class 994

Full-Body Wunda Chair
Courtney Miller
Class 994

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Phew! Felt like I was at the playground with all my toys! This was a tough but awesome workout. I liked using the handles as well as the box. I'll be dong this one again and again. Thank you Courtney! I love your classes:)
*doing this one rather.
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Added this to my list of favorites. Very inventive, challenging and interesting using the box and handles in new ways. Thank you for a great workout!
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Excellent class! I am trying to love the chair...it's a love hate relationship but I will embrace this workout today! Thank you and I love your classes.
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Fun! Thanks for sharing your amazing talent. My hams thank you also!
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I'll say it again, you are the best instructor on Pilates Anytime. You are so articulate and fun to watch. Your cueing is impeccable. As always, a well thought out class and plenty of variety. Thank you!
Kathy P
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LOVE! LOVE! LOVE IT. Can't wait to share it with clients. Thanks for another great workout.
Great routine, Courtney! Love the bilateral work.
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Great class, strong cueing and wonderful workout!
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Courtney you are the reason I joined Pilates Anytime. I love your cueing, choreography and challenging workouts. Thank you again XXOOO
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