How do I cancel my subscription? (FAQs)

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I need help as I think I have an account on an iPad that is no longer my so I cannot cancel my subscription. Please help. Thank you
Cancel my account
Hi Jami and Wendy, Please contact us at for further assistance. 
Cancel my subscription and refund me for the charges you’ve taken since you said you would refund me
Please cancel my subscription 
Please give me refund. You did not notify with me before auto charge my account
I canceled my account Dec 2021 but I'm still being charged for a subscription.  Latest charge 4/14/22.  My account indicates I'm no longer active.  Please stop charging my credit card.   Regards, Cid Frank
Please cancel my account. My account doent give me an option to clink “Payments.”  Thank you 
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Lindsey S Thank you for your message! I am sorry you were having trouble cancelling. As requested, I have gone ahead and cancelled your subscription and you will not be charged by us again. However, you will still have account access until October 17th. Please feel free to contact us at if you have any questions or need anything else!
Please cancel my account before it renews I do not have option to cancel on the site. 
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