How I Became a Pilates Anytime Teacher (Blog)

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great story!! can't wait for more classes with you:)
Gia, all I can think is why did I wait so long to ask you?!
Thank you so much Becky and Kristi Cooper !
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I’ve enjoyed your classes so far, and am excited for more! You have a very warm and calming teaching style. We are lucky to have you as another fantastic teacher on this site.
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So well deserved, Gia Calhoun! Thanks for writing about your experience!
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Congratulations Gia! Loved your story!
Way to go Gia Calhoun !! Can´t wait for you to film more classes.
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I've been enjoying your class often. Kristi Cooper chose wisely and the loving support you received from Meredith Rogers and Amy Havens was consistent with the kind of encouragement they provide us ALL!
Joni ~ I couldn't agree with you more about their encouragement! Thank you so much, everyone!
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Congratulations Gia, I can't wait to try your class.
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