Race, Pilates, and Change (Blog)

Race, Pilates, and Change (Blog)

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Thank you Roxy. We are out here and have always been out here. Peeps just made a choice to not include. us. This is why some of us opened our own studios. Love to you and that little one of yours.
Thank you Roxy. This blog is so clear, I appreciate you writing it. I’m humbled and grateful to any POC who is still willing to offer guidance on these issues. I believe our industry needs you. I support you and Black Girl Pilates. I benefit so much from Pilates Anytime in general, the relief I feel now knowing they are in alignment with what we need is really great. Let’s keep going together. Thank you so much. 
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Thank you for this Roxy, an imperative post. 
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Thank you Roxy. I have shared this with my @flowwithmeg community!
Hi Roxy! Thank you so much for speaking here about this and making it very clear what the problems are and how we can work to build a more equitable community at large. I can't help but notice that your post seems to be the only mention of this movement on the Pilates Anytime website. What is PA as an organization doing to support Black communities and Black Pilates Teachers? What research are they doing? What initiatives are they investigating? How do they plan to center Black voices? If they are working on these things, how can we find out about it? Thank you.
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Teresa! I love that you're the first person to comment! Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.  Big hug from up North ;) 
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Margaret and Belly Studio thank you for your comments, it's best if PA responds directly to your question.  What I can share is that PA has been covering Black voices in the Pilates Industry on their Instagram page and I believe there were efforts in place (re: diversifying their platform) before covid-19, but they would have to answer all of that.
Belly Studio ~ Roxy is correct in her response! I have been doing discussions weekly this month on our IG page to share what black people go through in life and in the Pilates industry. They are all saved on our page. We are also planning a panel discussion with other teachers, who haven't been featured on the site yet, which will be in our webinar series. Last, we have been doing work for a while to bring more diversity to the site (some of our plans were disrupted by the shelter in place order as we aren't able to film in our studio/have people fly to film with us). We plan to continue doing work on our end to make sure that everyone feels welcome and safe in the Pilates community.
Gia Calhoun  I hadn't been aware of the work on IG, I will be sure to look at it and stay tuned there for future programming. Thank you so much for the response and for your work!  
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Belly Studio I agree! I’d love to see PA create playlists of Black instructors’ classes, and commit to working with more Black and POC talent (both as teachers and as bodies). 
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