A Journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Pilates  (Blog)

A Journey with Multiple Sclerosis and Pilates (Blog)

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Hi Mariska - We would love it if you'd contribute your story to the pilatesishealth.com website! Thank you for your support of the PMA!

Elizabeth Anderson
Executive Director
Pilates Method Alliance
Hi Elizabeth - happy to contribute. You can reach me at info@fusepilates.com, and we will make it happen! Best, M
Bravo Mariska! Thank you for sharing your story! It was wonderful to meet you this weekend at the 2013 PMA conference. Your research and experience are an inspiration. I look forward to hearing more.
Thanks Shannon! This tiny article is actually what made Carolyne Anthony ask me if I would develop a Pilates for MS teacher training... 1.5 years and a 300 page manual later and it was done. :)
Just read it. Very interesting. I wish there was more pilates information on this site for MS diagnosed people.

Thank you very much.
Hi Avishag - the workshop on Pilates Anytime - Neuroscience and Exercise has a lot of information on how the brain and body work together (very helpful to know if you have a neuro condition). Also, my website is //pilatesforms.com
Amazing! Thank you so much!
I actually have a client with MS, so I'll check out both resources.
can you offer favoured reformer exercises?
Heidi ~ Thank you for your forum post. We are in the process of adding Reformer exercises to our site. You can find the ones we have so far here. We are adding more every week and hope to have a complete collection soon. I hope you enjoy them!
so all the reformer exercises on that link are helpful and not painful for MS clients?
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