How can I watch Pilates Anytime on my TV? (FAQs)

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If I have Apple TV or Roku 3 do I have to still pay 18 dollars a month. Thanks, bonny
Hi Bonny, Apple TV and Roku players are additional access points to PA. To be a member of Pilates Anytime and access the over 1000 classes you will need to pay $18 a month even if you view through one of those formats. If you have a Roku player, you can access our channel simply by logging in to your account. With an Apple TV,use the airplay feature from your phone and viola!
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Wanted to suggest using a HDMI cable, for those with PCs.
It's a simple + effective solution, provided both have HDMI ports. (Of course, laptop = portable, so preferred).

Connecting HDMI to HDMI will mirror your computer's display on your TV, simply change the TV output to HDMI; plus, only the one HDMI cord is required for both audio + video transmit.
Just wanted to through it out there for others who don't have Apple TV / Roku. :)

PC Mag: How to Connect your Laptop to TV using HDMI
I have an andriod phone and the videos play back properly 90% of the time. However, if I use an HDMI cable to output to my TV, it works only 20% of the time. Sometimes the video freezes, sometimes it's just black, most of the time I can't get full screen - a variety of issues. Any advice? Extremely frustrating.
WHY am I not able to access this channel?I have roku, I jumped through the hoops, I paid for after the 15 days.
Lisa ~ I'm sorry you are having trouble accessing our channel on your Roku. I have sent you an email with a few options that will help.
I have it setup properly on Roku but the videos won't load? Any ideas? Help!!
Erin ~ I'm sorry you had trouble with our Roku channel. We had a bug in our system that has been fixed. You should be able to use it without a problem now. I hope you enjoy our latest videos!
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You really need to get with the programme on this I'm afraid. We don't even have Roku in the UK, Apple TV is pretty out of date as a streaming device - Amazon Fire Stick is much more modern - have cancelled my subscription as can't watch it on my TVs. Very frustrating.
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Never heard of roku in Ireland, this is the first time I've come across content on an app that I can't actually watch on my Samsung tv. Watching on my iPad or iPhone is too small I have to keep moving it around the place it's puts me off I subscribed but don't use it for this reason.
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