Pilates Anytime TV Episode 25: Vintage Combo Reformer by Joseph Pilates (Blog)

Pilates Anytime TV Episode 25: Vintage Combo Reformer by Joseph Pilates (Blog)

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loved it ! :)
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Thank you Kristi and Ken for sharing this incredible history!!! Kristi.....I have a little envy right now.....SO wish I could have gotten on that Reformer!! Lucky you----and lucky us for hearing about this special piece of equipment!!
That is one cool piece of equipment. It would look great in anyone's livingroom. Very retro and yet so useful. But I agree, a little more padding would be nice.
Woooow!! I am in awe! Joseph was truly a genius! Thank you Kristi and thank you Ken for sharing this with the rest of the world :)
Hello Kristi this is Louise Johns, one of the 10 finalist in the Pilates Anytime Competition 2013. Love this video and wanted to share that I have also had the pleasure of sitting, but not using, Joe's reformer. When Balanced Body was in its early days I was visiting Nora St John and it was sitting in the office. As I sat quietly on the main seat I closed my eyes & soaked in the thought that Joe had used and created that very reformer. What a treat. Its an amazing piece of history and whom better to own it now, thank you Ken for keeping Joe alive!
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