Reformer Workout
Wendy L.
Class 930

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"Be with where your body is." Thank you Wendy! So happy to hear you & see you! (My first class with Pilates Anytime)
Thank you,'s fabulous to continue our journey together, inquiring into "core from the body's perspective". I'll be back in the near future to film more awareness-building workouts!
Welcome to Pilates Anytime Jen! What a wonderful first choice of classes!
I so love and deeply appreciate your work Wendy Leblanc-Arbuckle 🙏🏽💕 thank you for the emphasis on breath, embodiment, and the whole self. Just beautiful.
Thank you so much, Bahareh! As you are saying when we take time to fully appreciate the beauty of who we are, we become more fully connected with ourselves, one another and the living environment that enriches our lives, x
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Enlightening session with Wendy. These sessions are more needed in this website. Thank you.
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