Relax and Let Go
Debora Kolwey
Special 1999

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Love you Debora! Thank you for this. I'm humbled and inspired!
Xx Brian Ward
Debora, I loved your message and miss your profound love for people and teaching. It was very comforting to hear your voice again as I finally restart my journey to teach at a studio in Rochester, NY.
As I prepare for my annual breast cancer awareness session/fundraiser, I's all about love! I appreciate your insight....we all have a choice which end of the pole we grab on to. Thank you so much for sharing!
Yes, and we get to keep choosing which is so marvelous.
All my best

Very powerful message! Brought tears to my eyes and warmth to my heart. Thank you for your openness!

Great message xxx
Dear Amanda Thank you for your message. I recently had a client diagnosed with breast cancer and as her surgery is coming up, I have had an opportunity to re-live my own experience and glad I can be a support to her. Happy New Year!
Spot on-thank you Deborah. Love it is.
Thank you so much!
Dear Berit. Thank you!! How are you?
Thankyou so much for this Debora - clearly an honest account and valuable for many I suspect trying to be something/someone they're not. With love from the UK, Sarah
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