Mat Workout
Blossom L.
Class 2393

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I am not as adept at some of the traditional pilates styles, and this class was so fun to just "play" with the movements, and laugh at myself a little, but also experience the work how it was traditionally done! :) Thanks for the fun class Blossom!
Laura McCall, playing is fun and laughing is breathing. What wonderful things to do while moving and doing Pilates. Thanks for letting me be a part of it!
I love this class and will revisit this one again! Thank you!
This was fun and fantastic! I plan to do this class a few more times so I can teach some of these variations. You also piqued my interest regarding the Kathy Grant approach. Thank you!!
Great class with lots of energy and perfect form! Love it!
Blossom...Blossom thanks for providing a fabulous class for me to do while holidaying in Bali….I have missed your work. see you soon x
More, please!
You make it look so easy. BUT it’s not. Haha. Thank you for the challenge 👍
With Blossom there is always fun and challenge;):)
Thank you for such an engaging mat class!
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