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Blossom L.
Class 2393

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Osnat Shaibe and James Hale, interesting and fun! That is my kind of workout too. Thanks for the comments. Happy Holidays! Blossom
Not for me. I hope anyone watching that has had babies knows that doing the roll over, roll up etc like that is really bad for your pelvic floor.
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Ash, this is definitely not a post natal class! I hope you did not get that impression from me or this website. I had my two children 6 and 7 years ago and this class is great for me and my pelvic floor. Happy Holidays.
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Fun class. Challenging workout. Requires coordination and focus and BALANCE.
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Enjoyed this class. Managed most things and will keep working on the parts I found more challenging.
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I'm 60 and have 4 kids, no not a post natal class but that's kinda obvious. Loved the class Blossom, darn right fun!
Ha ha, I did not say I thought it was a post natal class
lots of fun new moves I have not seen before :>)) You are adorable...I was smiling the whole time!
wow, this is fantastic energy! love it!
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Blossom, that was so exciting. Thank you!
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