Mat Workout
Nagi Takahashi
Class 2434

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Your class seems to be quiet but has a great power in it. really enjoyed it and i am very inspired by your teaching. Thank you.
Hi Nankyong,
Yes, I probably am more quieter but I'm happy you felt the power in it too. It gives me the chills just to hear that I'm inspiring someone's teaching, so thank you.
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Fantastic class, tight thoracic spines cause so much trouble. Loved the variation on excercises and new ideas with the foam roller. Lovely teacher!
This was great. My back felt very stiff after a few days of no activity and holding my baby and after this I felt great again. Thank you!
Sharon, thank you for the comment. You're totally right, tight thoracic causes stress on the lumbar and the cervical, but it gets tight easily, so gotta keep it moving!
Hello Tess, it's inevitable that you will feel stiff with a baby. So whenever she is asleep, please do a couple of the exercises in the class! Thank you:)
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Thank you very much, Nagi, for such a lovely and fun class. It's the first one I take with you and not only is it going straight to my favorites, but I'm really looking forward to taking some more classes with you!
Hi Zombina, thank you adding this class to your favorites!!
Hope you like my other classes too :)
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This class is what I need for my upper back . It is my absolute favorite and I am going to do it again and again . Love it . Thank you Nagi san !
Hi Sheida~, thank you for this comment!!
This is what MOST people need for their thoracic;)
Hope I bump into you someday!
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