Standing Posture
Tom McCook
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I was limited on time this afternoon and had to choose between a hot shower or this tutorial to ease both neck tension and the very limited range of motion that I'd been experiencing all day. So glad i chose to take class with Tom McCook. Not only did I find ease and comfort...I know how to avoid the stiffness in the future. A very big thank you!!!
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Hi Joni,
Thank you for your comments, really happy to hear you felt much better from the lesson. Keep practicing the concepts, I'm confident they will continue to serve your health and wellness. All the best!!
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Thanks Tom, glad I am not the only one to have brain farts mid lesson! Love the Franlkin techniques and could not help notice lots of osteopathic methods for the nervous system to become better balanced, on a very simple level. Using the skeletal bones o think is a great visual for non teachers to understand our own bodies so much better. And thanks for your humor.....we should be relaxing and having fun.
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Hi Tom, Thank you for the great tutorial.
I would love to order the same ball as you use
in this tutorial.
would you be so kind and recommend a specific one.
All the best !
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Thank you Lynn and Hila for your feedback, great to hear you've enjoyed the lesson. Hila you can get the 4" balls at: Look under accessories, they have a green one and the Franklin 4" balls in orange, either one is good for all of the small ball exercises
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Very creative. Thank you for the education, as well as teaching the movements. Adore you calm teaching style!
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Thank you so much for these moves and valuable information. I cannot wait to share these moves.
i laugh so hard in every session...amazing sense of humor and abundance of knowledge
I have a question with a student who has little hand/wrist/arm strength due to rheumatoid arthritis and can't press hands into the balls for the neck/upper trap release. Any suggestions? Maybe bring her supine or leaning into a wall? Thanks for all your tutorials. I learn so much from you!
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Hi Bonnie,
I recommend having your client use the balls supine for her upper traps. Place them just below C7 on each side of the upper back. Lift the hips a few inches off the floor and rest the head on the floor. Let the muscles melt over the balls for a few breaths and then do slow smooth small movements up and down and side to side. For the neck, have them just use their hands to gently hold the balls in place on each side of the neck and do small rotations and flexion and extension. Thank you for your feedback, wishing you all the best!

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