Lengthening Mat
Amy Havens
Class 3450

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WOW! JUST WOW! Thank you Amy for this class. For me it's 2/3 level :)
It was hard to balance body not to shift to another side while standing in quadruped position.
Hi Liya -- thanks for taking class with me and for the WOW!!  :) . Yes, that balance aspect is tough in this exercise but it's really important for staying in 'the center' and building balanced strength.  
AMy this is amazing; just what I need desperately since I injured my upper shoulder with a wrong movement and could not be able to release the tension...I am feeling relief but when I execute side twist on the right side something warned me on the same spot that it is going to hurt again; what should I act not to have the same problem again? Thank you the class is overall fantastic...
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That felt wonderful! Thanks! 
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Wonderful class!! My lumbar spine feels so good after this class.Thanks Amy :)
So happy to hear this Katie !!
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This was wonderful! My shoulders and back feel great, and I loved the deliberate work. You've also helped me access the Open Leg Rocker better than ever before and I very much appreciated the theraband for the Single and Double Leg Kick which I usually find hard to feel myself into. So a beautiful 'study mat' for me too as a teacher student :) Thank you, Amy!
Julia R thank you and so happy you're feeling the work and gaining success in some of these exercises!  Which teacher training program are you enrolled in, just curious?!!
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Amy Havens I'm in BASI :)
Wonderful Julia R !!  When do you get to test out?!!  I love the teacher in training process, some of my favorite people to teach to!!  :)
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