Dealing with the Overwhelm
Jenna Zaffino
Class 3675

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This is a gem encompassing the mind body spirit that defines Pilates. Thank you for giving your all to us!
Perfect to help get over a winter cold. Loved the silent scream! Feel like I've expelled lots of unnecessary nonsense! Thank you!
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How much I liked this class, I want more like that. Ripple, I understood it and it fascinated me. Thanks for this gif.
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LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Just a beautiful blend of Fletcher, Graham and Jenna! How you made this into your “own” is just a breath of fresh air (and a welcome release). Thank you!
Wow! I really enjoyed this mix of breathing technique, mindfulness, Pilates, dance, energy flow... Thanks!
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Jenna, truly a genius 30 minutes, I loved the combination of movements and guidance, still very challenging and gentle at the same time. You are a wonderful teacher
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Thank you Jenna! I need this series right now- perfect timing :)
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Wonderful jenna top👌
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That class rocked, thank you!
I want to send out my heartfelt thanks to all of you for taking the class and sharing your feedback. When I set out to craft this class, I hoped to reach at least one person. The fact that so many of you showed up and received something wonderful from it. I'm so grateful to all of you!
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