Out of Alignment Mat
Juan Nieto
Class 3762

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So creative and fun as always! I so love that we have access to you from afar🌺🤙🏻
Amazing  Wish I was young again.  Will keep trying to improve.  I was amazed at my ability to balance the ball on my hand by the time I got to the quadruped position.  I even attempted the Turkish get up.  Had to get over my fright at the name.  I will get it better.
Love this class. But the balls were driving me crazy:) It is quite meditative once you get a hang of it. Loved the yoga block routines! Thank you!
Really helped me stretch those tight muscles. Thanks Juan!

This class was so exciting! It sometimes feels like there’s A LOT repetition in Pilates Anytime. This workout was refreshing and challenging in a unique way. Thank you! ❤️❤️❤️
PS. I had an extra challenge: an enthusiastic dog  knocking down the tennisballs. 🙈😅
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