Power Reformer Flow
Tracey Mallett
Class 3867

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Really great class - apart from the first bit! I don't think I fully recovered from all the supine work 😂. It went really quick as well. So many ideas for using the box. Thank you 😀
Love Tracey , love all her Pilates  & Barre classes!  Awesomeness!

Love the quick athletic format. My abs and booty thank you. I too love the mermaid variation on the box. I also liked how we stayed on one spring the whole time and we got the bonus hip opener move. Love Tracey.
Wonderful class! Looking forward to your other classes!
Abdominals on fire!  Love these quick, creative reformer flow classes.  Thank you!
Can't wait to try this when I am back in the studio!
thank you so much Tracey, that was a good challenge on sunday morning! Couldn´t stay in the flow all the time, because I had to adjust things because of my body hight - for example the plank by pushing out the box, worked for me only by putting the box square.. But I loved it!!
Loved it!!! Thank you!
As always, challenging!!  Thank you!
Hi I just join Pilates Anytime and this is my first class and I enjoyed it a lot! I have a Peak Pilates reformer and the springs are 2xblue (lightest), 2xyellow (medium) and 1xred (strong). You are using red spring a lot in this workout, I assume it is not the strongest spring you are using? Is it a yellow equivalent for Peak Pilates reformer? Thanks. Irene
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