Cathleen Murakami
Class 504

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I really enjoyed this class, thankyou :)
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excellent class. I want more :)
@ Candace Adachi, @ Catherine Knott, @ Dawn DaLuise...not sure how I didn't respond other than the thumbs up a year ago...but THANK YOU for loving the combo....just feels so right!!
@ Paul Robertson....so sorry I didn't see your comment to say THANK YOU...but THANK YOU!
@ Monica Piasecka - glad you loved it and you know you can find a few more here as well!!
@ Julianne Livingston, thank you and...hope you also caught my last year's tutorial on wrists......
@ Mareille Paley......YES - you make sense!
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Cathie, I'm 7 years late to class, so sorry! ;) Thank you thank you for this offering, and how amazing that it transcends the years to reach me today, the perfect thing I needed.
This was a terrific blending of yoga and Pilates, I thoroughly enjoyed the sequencing and I feel wonderful. I will use this with my students and in my classes.
Alexandra , thank you so much. Blending isn’t for everyone, but I appreciate your appreciation! ❤️
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