Erectorcises on the Mat
Phillip Beach
Class 2217

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me encanta este tipo de clase, sobre todo para mis alumnos mayores, muchos de ellos eran incapaces de tumbase en el suelo y levantarse sin soporte.
me pregunto si es muy dificil incluir la posibilidad de ver los videos con subtítulos en inglés.Creo que ayudaría a muchas personas, que no tienen el ingles como primera lengua,a mejorar la comprensión y a disfrutar mas de esta fantástica página.gracias
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Wonderful. You can certainly see quite a lot of the ideas that Joe was using in many of his mat exercises here. However here there are many breakdowns that can help not only the mat work, but also fundamental movement for everyone. Thank you for presenting this in such a simple fashion.
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Excellent I really enjoyed this as it has been beneficial to myself having suffered from Plantar problems for 9months!!
Would have liked more information on the benefits of these exercises .Would love more on the subject of Fascia and movement,
Phillip , thank you so very much ! My feet feel amazing and I absolutely felt my deepest transverse muscles in many of these movements ! I would love more of Phillip Pilates Anytime !!!
Angela ~ we are happy you enjoyed this class. You can find our other tutorials, workshops, and classes on fascia here.
Enrique ~ Gracias por esta sugerencia que! Desafortunadamente, en este momento no estamos subtitulado cualquiera de nuestras clases, pero esperamos empezar a hacerlo de nuevo en un futuro próximo. Cuando lo hacemos, tendremos que añadir a esta clase.
Fantastic. I have your book Phillip and have already started incorporating some of your erectorcises in my classes. It is great to them under your tuition. Many thanks. Look forward to more.
Angela, Phillip also taught a workshop for us that in my opinion is worthy of everyone viewing whether Pilates teacher or enthusiast. It is not edited yet but we look forward to sharing it with you in a couple of months. In the meantime, as Jo Davenport mentioned, Phillip has a book called Muscles and Meridians that is widely respected by the leaders in our community of teachers.
Muscles and Meridians
What a gem ! thank you :)
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Amazing class. Please get him back for more. Great functional approach to exercise. This one is a favorite by far!!!!
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