Mat Workout
Phillip Beach
Class 2217

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I loved this workout, this is one that I know I will return to many times. I would like more on this!
Wow I am discovering how important our feet really are and how stretching from the knee down is an area which is very much needed. Thank you for this valuable lesson.
Great value in this work! Have just done the class for the second time since I first did it 2 days ago. I look forward to doing Philip's workshop on PA and hope we will see more classes/information from him in the future. Thanks Philip and PA!!
amazing! more of these functional classes please
Absolutely loved this class! Such key foundational movements for everybody every day. Thank you! 
Can we have more of Phillip Beach please. This is great stuff.
Love this journey for feet !

One question:When we do saddle-sitting ,  if  the feet of  internal rotation leg  is dorsiflexion , Phillip said it's not good bone rhythm .   Is that means the whole lower extremity should be all in internal rotation ?

Thank you so much !
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