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Cara Reeser
Class 3103

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You're a lot of fun. Loved the neck pull with the fingers wheeling the ball back. Cool :D Thank you!
That was amazing!! Very hard, but great fun too. I'm going to do this over and over until I nail it!! Thank you!
Thanks Gillian Goddard the more you do it the more money we raise for Girls Inc. Love it.
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@ Amy Havens you're just too cute in this video! "I am doing it!" LOL, loved this class. Thanks @ Cara Reeser -Heidi Coles
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What a fun and energetic class! Awesome! And I love Cara Reeser's teaching - she is so unique and positive! Thanks for this wonderful inspirational class!
Awesome fun class! Cara you have a great personality!:) Love the mission with Girls Inc.
what an amazing classsss!!!! amazing teacher!!! super fun!!!
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Fun and highlighted where i need to strengthen and improve!
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Stop it with all the fun!! Thanks for the great class. I'm going to download it to my phone, so that I can keep it to get me into shape again after summer vaykay..
This always brings a smile to my face not to mention the challenge!
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