Scapular GPS
Cara Reeser
Tutorial 3477

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Thank you for clearing this up! Makes so much sense! Love your work Cara!!
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Really great way to think of this whole function. Sometimes different vocab can really bring about simplicity.
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Lynn and Bonnie glad it is making sense ... there is a mat class that goes with it to help with the application. Enjoy.
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So helpful! Loved!!!
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This is amazing! I will apply it right away to my classes.
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Very helpful
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Loved it, always such a great way to look at things with your, Cara Reeser thank you!!
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Great to see and hear your pilates wisdom Cara, really helpful and I’ll be applying it next time I teach. Thanks for sharing :0)
girl...Girl....GIRL !!! love the language.
Please to meet you Cara ! I did not know you ! I really love your tutorial, and it will really help me to improve my teaching about these precious scapula !! Thank you
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