Class 1: Breath
Sarah Bertucelli
Class 3808

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after several weeks of no pilates, this was a wonderful class to get into it again. Thank you.
Lisette-Anne wonderful!!  Thank you. 

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This is really a perfect little fast workout!
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Short and sweet- perfect to fit in between  my teaching and other daily activities.
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very nice - great to have a little more space for me to be more mindful of what i'm doing! many thanks :)

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Thank you so much, Sarah! I too loved this class and feel refreshed and ready to continue my day.. look forward to the rest of your classes ( I find your voice so calming, even when the movement is a challenge!) and love the focus on the breath.. I suppose that's what it's all about!?!x
Thank you Jean!  I love hearing that you felt refreshed after the class! 

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Thank you for this course! My daughter and I just started it together and the restorative elements are just what we need in this time of stress (Covid-19).  Thank you! 
Meaghan I am so happy this course is offering you and your daughter a little bit of relief.  Take care and keep me posted. 
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